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July 31, 2013

Protecting Orangutans in North Sumatra

In the heart of Sumatra’s Gunung Leuser rainforest, U.S. diplomats scanned the trees. And then, there it was: a flash… more
July 13, 2013

Outcomes of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue

Our relationship with China is as big as it is complex. As the two largest economies on the planet, the… more
July 8, 2013

Energy’s Vital Role in Burma’s Future

I recently returned from Burma, a fast-changing and stunningly beautiful country, where I attended the 2013 World Economic Forum on… more
June 14, 2013

Celebrating Flag Day Around the World

June 14th is Flag Day in the United States, the yearly commemoration of the adoption of the American flag by… more
May 29, 2013

Advancing Disability Rights Worldwide Through Exchanges

President Obama has proclaimed that international disability rights should be at the heart of our nation’s foreign policy. The State… more
May 29, 2013

The Power of English Learning

Throughout my travels as an Under Secretary, I have been constantly reminded of the magnetism of English language learning. From… more
May 10, 2013

Snapshots From Abroad

Representing America is something that every employee at the State Department takes pride in. Our work takes us to all… more
May 6, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Secretary Kerry on the Road

I've had the privilege of traveling with Secretary Kerry on all of his trips since taking office, and have used… more